• We aim to raise funds for this project from local companies, Trusts, Grants, Foundations and individual donations.
  • The ambition of this project is that no young person be excluded from participation owing to financial constraints – and with this in mind support for the Batley & Spen Youth Theatre Company at ground level will be critical to ensuring access really is for all.
  • We are recruiting a group of people ‎who can help bring this project to life - whether through donations, gifts in kind or talking about this project to a wider network of potential supporters.


  • £10,000 – sponsor Jean Valjean
  • £5,000 – sponsor Cosette
  • £3,000 – sponsor Marius
  • £1,000 – sponsor Gavroche
  • £500 – Build the Barricades
  • £300 – Fly the Flag
  • £100 – Patch up the Revolutionary Rosettes
  • Or donate what you can to sponsor the ensemble

The key ingredient to making this project a success will be local young people’s passion and commitment. In return they will have the opportunity to develop and learn alongside a West End creative team which will relocate to Batley for the duration of the project. It is our hope that every school, every college, every community, every ability, faith and gender will play a role in this exciting project, and extensive outreach has been undertaken to ensure the widest possible representation from the local area.

Your donation will help us ensure that access really is for all. Sponsor the production and become a key player within this inspiring ensemble cast. In return, we’ll send you thank you messages from our young participants, regular updates from the rehearsal room, and of course an invitation to ‘Hear the People Sing’ in Les Misérables this August.


Once the summer project is over, the intention is for the newly created Batley & Spen Youth Theatre Company to operate beyond this inaugural event. With the support of local teachers and practitioners the legacy of ‘Hear the People Sing’ will be a positive and lasting influence on the communities of West Yorkshire, with an ambition to:

  • Develop an environment where every participant is valued, ensuring mutual respect is fostered and celebrated
  • Bestow a wealth of positive values for young people to take back into their schools and communities
  • Encourage each young person to achieve and surpass their potential
  • Foster the belief that hard work and courage changes us and those around us for the better
  • Ignite a passion in its young participants that could lead to a career in theatre or on our screens


To talk further about broader sponsorship opportunities around this project, whether at headline level or with regard to in-kind donations, contact Donna Munday on or 07970 630229.